Reimagining two wheelers for India

We are building a scooter, a mean workhorse. It is strong, stylish, skilled & electric.
Our Approach

Durable and Dependable

The River.

Challenging the tough. Rugged. Reliable. Daring.

Designed to take the wear and tear. Be it the varying climates or extreme road conditions, our stringent test standards have prepared our scooter to outlive the best! Without a doubt, you are going to ride the exceptional.

Capable Companion

The River.

A friend to folks. Able. Adept. Masterly.

Our scooter is what results when the capable meets the electric. Be it a fun ride, a loaded ride, or an adventure ride, our scooter dons a new look. Each time! Tested for various loads and gradients, we promise to deliver the capability you deserve.

Technologically Advanced

The River.

Always on the move. Fresh. Progressive. Unhindered.

Inspired by the future, an evolution of technology, our scooter redefines the meaning of performance and comfort on two wheels. Yes, we have reimagined the way you carry your world on two wheels each day, every time.

Stylish Personality

The River.

A beautiful signature of grace. Chic. Trendy. Functional.

We have designed our scooter not just to delight the gaze, but to lend a hand and charm the best. We are obsessed with making you the epitome of style and elegance, each time, every ride. Be prepared, for you are going to make heads turn!

Our Culture

Thought, designed and built, for the people.

Join the culture of solving people's problems.