People are at the core of everything we do at River

Modern thinking to make a modern product.

A day at River is simple and focused - small teams, short sprints, shared responsibilities and great learning.

Its a special feeling when you ride the scooter that you helped build.

Ranjana Meena

Senior technical program manager
The Way We Build

Great Minds, Skilled Hands

Be fearless, stay original and question the status quo.

At River, we have great minds that question everything from the process of building a mobility platform to the way the user owns and cares for the vehicles. And then to the deft hands ready to mold the ideas to perfection.

For we know that people deserve nothing less than the best!

Daringly Original

At River, being original is not just a motto, but the very spirit of our existence and the core of our progress.

From the thought of what River stands for, to the indigenous design and the exceptional product everything is original. And everything has bettering people’s lives as key.

Yes, that makes us stand tall from the rest of the pack. Boldly tall!

You need to be fearless to be original and question the status quo.


Changing lives and livelihoods, two wheels at a time.

At River, we have taken the massive responsibility to revolutionize the way the world moves people and things on two wheels. And each one shoulders and shares this responsibility, with empathy

Needless to say, the learning and success we are able to achieve are also immense.

Open & Collaborative

Together, we make each one brilliant.

At River, we take pride in nurturing an environment of trust, to openly communicate and collaborate. More importantly, we listen to each other and learn actively every other day.

The goal is one, enabling the world to do more on two wheels.

Our Team

We actively learn from each other everyday.

Designers, engineers, tinkerers, revolutionaries.