Our Purpose
Our Opportunity

India moves on two wheelers

There are over 200 million two-wheelers on Indian roads, and for each rider, the two wheels are much more than a mere mode of transportation.

For some, it is a tool that powers day-to-day lives. For many, it is freedom of movement.

For everyone, it is a ride to a better tomorrow.

Our Focus

For the
modern Indian

Lives changed. Lifestyles changed. The reasons for owning a two-wheeler also changed. But did the two-wheeler evolve?

Hardly! The users adapted to the available two-wheelers in India.

Today, River is designing products that adapt to the evolving needs of the modern Indian. With empathy, with compassion, with pride!

Our Mission
Empower people
today, so they can build a better tomorrow.
Our Approach

Design first Tech focus

Improving and inspiring life with every ride.